Day of Giving: Thank you for your generous support.

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WOW - You are definitely #AllinforDenison. We are overwhelmed and grateful for the response to Denison's Day of Giving. We hope you had fun, we sure did! Denison wouldn't be the place it is without you!

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We are Denisonians.

Unlocking potential. It’s something Denisonians do every day, through profound learning, lasting relationships, and active engagement with the world. Now, through investment in six critical areas that will propel Denison to new heights, the time has come to increase national recognition of Denison's extraordinary ability to educate students to be the architects of their own lives.

Making an impact, thanks to you.

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Why Give?

Some gifts honor the past. Some offer new opportunities. Others are simply a way to say thanks. But all gifts help Denison move toward its future. Here, Denison donors share the reasons why they give back to the College.

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Why We Give: Gary and Suzanne Baker

A gift from two faculty members honors their departments, their careers, and their students.

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Geologic History Intersects the Modern Era

A geology student with a talent for narrative journalism uncovers the recent past through WWII letters between a professor and his wife.

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Why I Give: Scott Schurz ’57

Scott Schurz is giving back to Denison. Here’s why—and why he thinks you should, too. (By the way, the answers to those questions are worth a million dollars.)

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