Grow the Annual Fund.

Unrestricted support infuses Denison with resources for day-to-day expenses as well as emerging needs and opportunities. Your ongoing support for the college’s Annual Fund is critical—elevating the college’s standing among peer institutions and rallying our loyal alumni and friends to take an active role in advancing Denison’s work in educating the future.


The Annual Fund Keeps Denison Nimble

One of Denison’s greatest assets is its close-knit community—we are a college where faculty and administrators are emboldened to respond quickly to the needs of our students and to the changing research, cultural, and academic landscape. What makes this possible? The Annual Fund.

A Vital Resource that Drives Denison Forward

Powered by alumni and friends at all levels of support, the Annual Fund is a vital resource that drives the momentum that makes Denison a remarkable and memorable place to learn. For young alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and trustees, the Annual Fund is an opportunity for everyone to come together to bolster the college that has made a difference in their lives.

Unlock Potential Today—and for the Future

As Denison raises endowment for scholarships and other funding priorities, support for the Annual Fund will infuse each of these initiatives with the resources needed to launch programs and help students today. Your support of the Annual Fund is the way to unlock potential today—for the future.

“Sally and I wanted to help launch the Red Thread Grants Program in order to establish a safety net for Denison students caught in a cash emergency.”