Positioning students for lives of success.

As Denison launches a bold, ambitious professional readiness program, your support will outfit students with the skills, experiences, and relationships necessary to prepare them for success in careers and in life.


Ready for Launch, Ready for Life

Denison’s Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration helps students figure out what kind of life they want to lead and enables them to develop the skills, values, habits, networks, and experiences to launch into careers and professions that allow them to build those lives.

A Bold and Ambitious Vision

The Knowlton Center is like nothing else in higher education today. Our approach is uniquely Denisonian, built upon a prestigious learning environment and strong relationships, as we leverage the college’s powerful network of alumni, parents, faculty, friends, employers, and grad school admission offices. Students are guided and mentored as they become the architects of their own lives.

An Investment in Our Students' Futures

At Denison, we believe “professional readiness” happens when students are prepared not just to find a job—but also to build a life. And investment in career exploration at Denison is an investment in our students’ lives.

“There are few things more important to Denison’s future as an elite academic institution than having powerful career exploration programs.”