Enhance the performing arts.

The performing arts at Denison are transformative. And while many institutions are being forced to back away from their commitments to the arts, Denison is doubling down by investing in the arts. With a new state-of-the-art Michael D. Eisner Center and interdisciplinary programming that benefits students all across the college, Denison is the ideal choice for highly talented students who want to explore the performing arts in a liberal arts setting.


Raising the Profile of Performing Arts

Denison attracts truly gifted students who value the arts. We nurture their interest through rich curricular and co-curricular offerings in music, theater, dance, cinema, art history, studio art, and creative writing. Now, we are raising the profile of the performing arts at Denison through investment in our new Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts and the rich and interdisciplinary programming the new facility inspires.

The Michael D. Eisner Center for Performing Arts

With lead gifts from the Eisner Foundation and Sharon and Lanny Martin, this new 80,000+ square foot dynamic, state-of-the-art performing arts center, located on the Fine Arts Quad, will give students access to rehearsal and performance spaces and equipment that reflect contemporary standards. Whether students seek to take center stage as performers or learn back-of-house skills like costume design and lighting, Denison will offer the best in boldly designed performance spaces to provide the experience and confidence they need to succeed in careers in the arts.

Interdisciplinary Arts Programming

Private giving will create programming that fosters unprecedented interdisciplinary collaborative study. Opportunities to expand arts-based learning strategies into areas like the social sciences will provide our students with an active pathway to develop the cultural fluency the 21st-century workforce demands. Our faculty, academic programs, facilities, visiting artist residencies, and internships in the arts make Denison the best choice for students who seek performing arts in a liberal arts environment.

Megan Lovely
“I know if I’m involved in theatre, I will be making the life I want to live.”