Endow scholarships at Denison.

Your support will ensure every student who can manage the strenuous demands of a Denison education—regardless of their financial means—can come to our college and thrive. Growing the scholarship endowment to a level commensurate with peer institutions also secures Denison’s long-term financial position and augments our college’s extraordinary ability to unlock potential in the lives of our students.


Make the Denison Dream Accessible

Your investment in scholarships will ensure that Denison’s most financially vulnerable students—as well as those from middle-class families who struggle with rising costs of living—are able to attain a Denison education that will unlock their potential and connect them to unprecedented opportunities.

Secure Denison’s Long-term Financial Position

Expanding the scholarship endowment is more than just the right thing to do for students in need; it is a smart financial move that will strengthen Denison’s position among peer institutions and secure the college’s reputation among the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts universities.

Investing in Our Students

Thanks to philanthropic support for scholarships, Denison students will build careers in business and the arts, dedicate their skills to civic causes, and enroll in elite graduate programs. They will lead, create, and contribute to society. You’ll be proud of what your investment in a Denison scholarship achieves.